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Texas College and Career Readiness Standards

DATE: Sep 30 2012


Widespread familiarity with the Standards on the part of all educators will enhance the college and career readiness culture of Texas schools. Student access to the Standards will allow young people to gauge their own abilities relative to the knowledge and skills identified as necessary for their success in college and careers. Community awareness of the Standards will allow for more focused collaborations between schools and local professionals.

In May 2006, the 79th Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1, a major piece of legislation that included multiple initiatives related to high school success and college and career readiness. This legislation added Section 28.008, entitled “Advancement of College Readiness in Curriculum,” to Chapter 28 of the Texas Education Code. Its goal was to increase the number of students who graduate from Texas high schools ready to succeed in college and 21st century careers.

This legislation resulted in the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS). The Texas Education Agenda (TEA) and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) partnered to oversee the design and development of the Standards. Vertical teams of secondary and postsecondary educators identified the necessary content, and drafts were made available for public comment throughout the development process. The THECB adopted the Standards in January 2008, and the Commissioner of Education approved them later that year. Subsequently, the State Board of Education incorporated the CCRS into the secondary Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)1.

SA Ready provides all teachers the unique opportunity to have meaningful conversations about college-and career-readiness across district lines. This website ensure that all students have access to high quality lessons that focus on the Texas CCRS.

Dr. Sara McAndrew
Former Executive Director of Secondary Curriculum, Northside ISD