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Loan for pensioners without Credit Bureau

Do you know the sober facts about loan for pensioners without Credit Bureau? You can read about the credit options available without Credit Bureau and why alternative offers should not be excluded in the article.

Loan for pensioners without Credit Bureau – problem situation

Loan for pensioners without Credit Bureau - problem situation

If you are still working full time, you can get a Credit Bureau-free international loan if you have a negative Credit Bureau entry. Realistically speaking, without Credit Bureau since 2010, only a loan from Lite Lender from Liechtenstein has been considered. As far as is known, only this credit bank fulfills the requirements to legally be able to offer Credit Bureau-free credit bank financing in Germany.

This dominant position of the credit bank has serious implications for the search for a loan for pensioners without Credit Bureau. By setting the age limit of 58 years for lending, retirees are excluded from Credit Bureau-free financing.

Credit Bureau-free financing for pensioners – real offers

Credit Bureau-free financing for pensioners - real offers

Only young retirees, such as reduced-earning pensioners, can get a credit opportunity in Liechtenstein. Basically, a pension income is equivalent to a work income. Borrowers with a pension income are not specifically excluded from financing. Nevertheless, the pension is harder to seize than a normal income from work.

The credit bank’s hotline can be used to clarify whether there is a credit opportunity in a special case. In this case, the help of an intermediary, such as Cream Bankt, would be better than taking the initiative. The only other alternative that allows a Credit Bureau-free loan for pensioners is unfortunately only the loan from the pawnshop.

Loan alternatives not overlooked lightly

Loan alternatives not overlooked lightly

Nobody who has to make do with a small pension is looking for a loan without Credit Bureau in order to buy luxury goods. It is elementary desires that lead to the search for a loan for pensioners without Credit Bureau. For example, the washing machine is defective and must be replaced or at least repaired.

Vexcash offers a loan option for small credit requests that can also be met with a negative Credit Bureau and low income. Financed up to the Credit Bureau score of M, microcredit that must be repaid within 30 days. Neither an age limit nor high income requirements prevent lending. From a pension amount of at least 500 dollars a month there are realistic credit opportunities.

Another alternative to the loan for pensioners without Credit Bureau would be a private loan. Up to a score of H, a credit attempt can be successful despite Credit Bureau via Auxmoney or Smava (Link:

Apply for a loan in Switzerland


In Germany it is not easy for everyone to get a loan. There can be different reasons for this. Customers with poor credit ratings are often rejected. Banks always check the customer’s Credit Bureau when applying for credit. The worse this turns out to be, the harder it will be to apply for a loan. The Credit Bureau contains unpaid bills, credit agreements and other payment requests that the customer may not have followed up. This often leaves only the way to apply for a loan in Switzerland.

Swiss credit information

Swiss credit information

This loan is increasingly being granted in Switzerland and has different advantages. For one thing, banks do not work with Credit Bureau. You give yourself the collateral in the form of pay slips. If the salary is so high that it can be attached if there is a default, a loan is often given. Since Credit Bureau is not used, the loan that is applied for in Switzerland is not recorded in Credit Bureau.

Customers can take out a loan in Germany later, if their credit rating is better. Nobody has to go abroad to apply for a loan in Switzerland. Credit brokers who work with foreign banks work for this. The customer is increasingly finding these on the Internet. Credit intermediaries charge a fee for their services, but this only has to be paid after a contract has been signed.

Requirements for the loan

Requirements for the loan

In order to apply for a loan in Switzerland, certain requirements must be met. Not only the salary that was mentioned is crucial. In any case, the applicant must be of legal age, must not work during the trial period and must be registered in Germany. The relevant documents must be sent to the credit intermediary. The latter forwards the documents to the bank, which are checked again there. If all requirements are met, a loan is concluded. The customer can look at different loan offers and choose one. If there is no suitable offer, you have to continue searching. In such a case, it is advisable to contact several credit intermediaries so that the selection is wider.