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Texas College and Career Readiness Standards

Widespread familiarity with the Standards on the part of all educators will enhance the college and career readiness culture of Texas schools.

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“Eggs"traordinary Solutions to Real World Problems: Group Invention

Students are asked to take on the roles of inventors and collaborate to design a cushioning device (given limited supplies) thatwillsaveaneggfrombreakingwhendroppedfroma20-footheight. The lesson will begin with a quickwrite question that activates prior knowledge about who creates or invents things and why. This will be followed by a brief video on necessity. Groups of students will then be given time to plan out their design in the form of a drawing. After the planning stage, students will be given 30 minutes to build their devices, and once time is called, student groups will take turns launching their packages from a second-story landing.

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A Reasonable Introduction to Formal Logic

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